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Humacao, Puerto Rico

Our Nature Lovers Paradise, not a resort, the backyard had been certified as a Wildlife Habitat, and abuts the 3,500-acre Humacao Natural Reserve. Our home is 300 steps from an idyllic “Cast Away” movie set-like beach where few venture and quiet enjoyment is found.

Get Ready to Explore...

Yes, both adults and children can swim and build structures of sand as well as kayak, fish, and explore! With any moving water, supervision and life jackets are advised.

Beyond our backyard and along the beach are hiking trails leading to stunning vistas, coves, and huge lagoons, teaming with tarpon, where footsteps are few.

The sunsets are stunning over our pool and the Sanctuary, fronting you. ENJOY!

The small City of Humacao, with all the shopping and services needed 15 minutes away, balances perfectly urban and nature. It features both beautiful coasts and a buzzing city home to the largest resort in Puerto Rico, just under a half hour away from our quiet home.

Outside the coast of Humacao, travelers can take a tour to Cayo Santiago. We are a 50-minute drive from the airport in San Juan and 25 minutes from El Yunque, US-only tropical rain forest.

Humacao Natural Reserve

Humacao is home to a nature reserve where outdoor enthusiasts can rent kayaks to row along a calm lake, surrounded by dense green foliage.

This natural reserve was established in 1986, there is kayaking and bike rental on site. Within the reserve, you'll find multiple trails for hiking and biking, stretches of beaches, fishing spots, and more.

Monkey Island

Our home has been used by the PBS Nature series to prepare a segment on “Monkey Island.” The island is home to more than one-thousand monkeys and is America's only primate research island for graduate study.

The island is visible and can be kayaked to from our beach, for the experienced and not faint at heart. The island itself is not accessible to the public.

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